Saturday Heat Schedule

The stones getting ready to take a ride up the hill. Thanks to Robbie at Alpine CF for loaning us some stones!

The stones getting ready to take a ride up the hill. Thanks to Robbie at Alpine CF for loaning us some stones!

Hey everyone,

Here are a few last minute details about Friday evening and Saturday morning as we kick off our inaugural MBS Snowmass Crush at Snowmass!

First, here is a pdf of the Saturday Heat Schedule for Teams. You'll find your times for all your workouts except the floater, which will begin sign up 30 minutes prior to opening from 11-2pm.

Team Saturday Heat Schedule (revised)


Next, here is the check-in times we need you to get to in order to workout. Please bring a filled out waiver (download HERE). No worries though if you forget, we will have blanks for you to fill out on site as well.


Team Check-in

Early - 6-8pm Friday evening.

Late - 8-9am Saturday morning.

*Check in will take place in on the top level of Basecamp Bar & Grill.


Athlete Workouts Briefing and Opening Announcement with Project Sanctuary - 9:30 am

WOD 1 Begin - 10:00am

WOD 2: 12:30-2:30pm

WOD 3: 3:00pm-4:30pm

Awards: 5:00pm

Afterparty at Basecamp Bar & Grill immediately following awards.


Thank you everyone. See you on the mountain!




Floater WOD

Lightshade Logo w Leaf Background.jpg

Floater - “Lightshade lung burner”   

Sponsored by - Lightshade



For time:

The team will carry a 300# raft over a 500-meter hill course.

Workout details:

Teams will begin at the start line. At 3, 2, 1, go, teams will pick up the raft and carry it to the first “drill” point. They will then set the raft down, circle the raft (Chinese fire drill), then pick up the raft and carry it to the next point. Time stops when the team has completed the 500 meter course.


Schedule Updates

A look down on the lawn where the competition will be held Saturday.

A look down on the lawn where the competition will be held Saturday.

Hey everyone,

An update email was just sent out to team captains that registered the team. If you didn't receive that email, please check your trash bins and email if you didn't receive it. 

Workouts 1-3 were released last night. The floater will be posted later this week!

Team heat times for WODs 1-3 will be released next week. You will be able to sign up for the floater workout beginning at 10am on Saturday morning.

We made some adjustments to the schedule:

Friday, July 8th
6-8pm: athlete and vendor early check-in
8-9pm: volunteer dinner

Saturday, July 9th (updated as of 6/28/16)
8-9am: athlete late check-in
9:00am: mandatory judges briefing
9:30am: athletes briefing and opening ceremonies
10-12pm: WOD 1
12:30-2:30pm: WOD 2
3-4:30pm: WOD 3
*Floater WOD available 11-2pm

5:00pm: awards
5-8pm: Snowmass social @ Base Camp Bar & Grill


Category     Team Name     Affiliate
Scaled   Crushing Cals Not Kilos   CrossFit DeCO
Scaled   Here for the after party   Crossfit 720
Scaled   Too Legit to Quit   Eminence
Scaled   Team WOD's Up   Aspen CrossFit
Scaled   Here for the fitaid   Crossfit Sanitas
Scaled   Dan the man and the old farts   MBS II
Scaled   Crushin' It   MBS Crossfit
Scaled   Team Thrust Her   Phoenix
Scaled   Sucks Unlimited   MBS Crossfit
Rx   Bonedale CF   Bonedale Crossfit
Rx   #doyouevendickie   Crossfit 720
Rx   Hot Broads & Dad Bods   Defiance
Rx   GATTACA   Aspen CrossFit
Rx   Crafty McCraftface   Crossfit craft
Rx   Big Booty Bros and Hoes   CrossFit MOB
Rx   Snatchtastic   CrossFit MOB
Rx   Team Cobra Command   Crossfit Pagosa
Rx   Balls n Dolls   1211 Fitness
Rx   MOB Squad   CrossFit MOB
Rx   Raptor's Claws   Raptor Athletics
Rx   Conflict Of Interest   MBS
Rx   Weekend Warriors   MBS Crossfit
Rx   Sanitas Strength   Verve
Rx   CFDV Blood, Sweat and Beers   Crossfit Down Valley
Rx   Buono's Babes   CrossFit Verve
Rx   MBS-Unveiled Snatchasaurus Rex   MBS CrossFit
Rx   WOD Squad   CrossFit Unveiled
Rx   CFDV Bear Hugs   CrossFit Down Valley
Rx   Mind Body Soul   MBS Crossfit
Rx   Downvalley Trash   Sopris Crossfit

Team WOD 3

Workout 3 - “22”

Sponsored by - MBS CrossFit



For time:

M1 - 22 Power snatch

F1 - 22 Power snatch

M1 - 22 Toes to bar

F1 - 22 Toes to bar

M2 - 22 Power snatch

F2 - 22 Power snatch

M2 - 22 Toes to bar

F2 - 22 Toes to bar


Rx - 95/65#

Scaled - 75/55#, knees above hips

Workout details: Partners will alternate, with only one athlete working at a time and completing his/her exercise before tagging the next person in. Score is the time taken to complete.


Team WOD 2

Workout 2 - “Oh-Stones-Oh-Sprint”

Sponsored by - OSO Barbell Collars


For time:


26 Stone to shoulder

200 yard sprint up/down the hill

12 Stone to shoulder

100 yard sprint up the hill


26 Stone to shoulder

200 yard sprint up/down the hill

12 Stone to shoulder

100 yard sprint up the hill


Rx stone weight: 150#/95#

Scaled stone weight: 95#/70#

15 minute time cap.


Workout details: Partners will alternate reps, doing 26 total reps, then run together to the first run marker. They will return down the hill for another 12 reps, then run to the top finish line. The women pair will begin immediately upon the men crossing the top finish line. Score is the time when both women cross the finish line at the top of the hill.

Stone to shoulder must be alternated between partners. However, if one athlete cannot lift the stone, a burpee may be done by the athlete that cannot pick up the stone, then the other athlete can do their rep. The burpee will NOT count as a rep, but must be done in order for the partner to do the rep. The burpee must be completed BEFORE the partner picks up the stone.


Team WOD 1

Workout 1 - “Raptor Relay”

Sponsored by -  Raptor Fitness



AMRAP in 15:

Round 1


100 DU’s

20 Squat cleans


20 burpee box jump overs

40 pullups


Round 2


40 pullups

20 burpee box jump overs


20 Squat cleans

100 DU’s

Continue in this order as many times as possible in 15 minutes.


Rx - 95/65#, 24” box, C2B pullups, DU’s

Scaled - 75/55#, 20” box, jumping pullups, singles


Additional workout details: M1/F1 will work to complete 100 double unders and 20 squat cleans. Reps may be split however they choose and both athletes can work at the same time on different stations. Once completed, M2/F2 will be “tagged in” to complete 20 burpee box jumps and 40 pullups. Once completed, one round of the chipper has been completed and M1/F1 will be tagged in to work on the next round in reverse order, beginning on pullups and burpee box jumps.

Score is total reps completed in the 15 minutes.


$9,000 RAISED!!!

Hey everyone,

We are just over 2 weeks away from our inaugural MBS Summer Crush competition at Snowmass resort. We couldn't be more happy with the support we've had so far. We have 30 teams signed up and have raised $9,000 and 100% of it is going to Project Sanctuary to help them with their mission of getting veterans and their families back into productive and happy lives.

So, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. This event is near and dear to me and we're stoked to put on a good event that you will look forward to every year. 

Please stay tuned to our blog and our MBS Summer Crush Facebook page for updates on timeline, heat times, and sponsors that you can expect to see on the mountain.

Workouts will be announced Monday, June 27th!

We are still look for volunteers to help us judge. Please sign up here if you can help us out!

There are a couple team spots remaining for Rx and Scaled division (register here)...Email me if you don't have a team because there are some individuals looking for teams,

Thanks again. See you in a few weeks!

Pat B


An Opening Word from Patrick Burke

First, I want to thank everyone involved in this project. Dave Elkan and the team at Snowmass, we are super excited about the opportunity you are giving us. We hope to put on a great event that showcases the beautiful mountains and activities you guys have up there. Also, the team at Project Sanctuary - Heather, Kara and Geneva - you guys have been great to work with and I look forward to being a small part of your mission to benefit our veterans. I also want to thank our team at MBS - Janelle, Heather, Val and Erika... you guys are always on board for my crazy projects. I couldn't do it without you.

Finally, and what I think is most important, is to tip our hats to the veterans that have served our country and are returning to civilian lives. They are the men and women that put their lives on hold, traveled where the country needed them to travel and have so much to teach us if we only give them the chance. This event is about raising awareness about the challenges veterans face as they return from their service. Additionally, we hope to raise funds that benefit organizations like Project Sanctuary who help our veterans and their families.

As this is the first year of the event, there is so much to be learned. We aim to stick to the "core" of the event this year and ensure we hit the target of providing a great competition while raising money and awareness for Project Sanctuary and the veterans that participate in their programs.

That being said, please get familiar with Project Sanctuary here. They will be onsite at Snowmass and we're hoping that we can bring some of the veterans and their families up to compete and hang out with us. And, check out all the cool things to do with your friends and family at Snowmass... make the best of your trip!

Also, please SIGN UP!!! Registration opens May 16th. There are only 48 team spots available at the moment in Rx and Scaled divisions. We have discounted lodging that can be purchased as well as discounted activities.

We look forward to seeing you on the mountain!

Thank you,

Pat Burke